Writer's Chair

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Draft Pages

When writing a first draft of a novel, I usually compose with pen and paper. At my old day job, I spent hours sitting in front of a computer. The last thing I wanted when I came home was to spend more hours sitting in front of a computer, so I started handwriting manuscript pages. Now it’s part of my process.
            When I draft, I’ll write one day in blue ink, and the next in black. This creates variety, and helps me see how far I’ve gotten from day to day. After I’ve completed a chapter or two, I type them into the computer. This is an important part of the process where a lot of self-editing takes place.
           The first draft of Green Rider, by the way, was mostly composed on a computer, a Magnavox XT with 80/88 processor. Wristwatches have more processing power these days!