Kristen Britain

Author of the Green Rider Series

Seventh novel of the Green Rider series

Winterlight Available in:
-513Days 00Hours -1Minutes -19Seconds

Music of the Green Rider

Green Rider Book Soundtrack
Green Rider Book Soundtrack

Have you heard about the Green Rider book soundtrack album?
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First Rider's Call Book Soundtrack
First Rider’s Call Book Soundtrack

Big news, Greenies, we’re getting another soundtrack and new art! Kristina says,
“We’re doing a soundtrack & art project for First Rider’s Call! Save the date for the Spring Equinox in mid-March. We’ll be holding another fundraiser for all new music, new art, and new Sacoridian swag! More details to come soon! “To stay up to date follow us on our Facebook pages and/or subscribe to the website where we will be sending emails on what’s coming!”

Kristen Draws Map

Watch the time-lapse video of the Green Rider Series map being drawn.


The Green Rider series is available in audio