Kristen Britain

Author of the Green Rider Series

25 Years of the Green Rider

Spirit of the Wood

Spirit of the Wood, a Green Rider novella
by New York Times bestselling author,
Kristen Britain,
forthcoming November 7, 2023.



7th installment of the Green Rider Series,
available wherever books are sold.

Green Rider 25 Years!

Music of the Green Rider Series

Join composer, Kristina A. Bishoff, and photographer/artist, Madeline Shayne, as they embark on musical and visual adventures set in the world of the Green Rider Series. Thus far they’ve created book soundtracks and art for the first two books (available for download at iTunes and Amazon, and are working on the third installment, The High King’s Tomb.
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Green Rider Music
Green Rider soundtrack
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First Riders Call Soundtrack
First Riders Call soundtrack
The High Kings Tomb Soundtrack
The High Kings Tomb soundtrack

Kristen Draws Map

Watch the time-lapse video of the Green Rider Series map being drawn.


The Green Rider series is available in audio