Scheduled Appearances

  • April 11 2021, 7:00-8:00 p.m. EDT
    Handwerker Gallery Reading Series, Ithaca College
    Online reading by Kristen of her work via Zoom; please use the following link:
    The Handwerker Gallery Reading Series is sponsored by the Department of Writing at Ithaca College. Each fall and spring the series holds three to four readings that mainly focus on the creative writing of the Department’s current Writing majors and minors, in addition to Ithaca College alumnx. The series is named as such because the readings are held in Ithaca College’s art gallery, known as the Handwerker Gallery. The reading series has been hosted on Zoom since the COVID-19 pandemic closed in-person campus activities back in the spring of 2020. Eric Machan Howd, poet and professor at Ithaca College, has been coordinating the series for the past three years.
  • December 21 2020
    Festival of Moon and Sun
    Online celebration of the solstice in both hemispheres, otherwise known in the world of the Green Rider Series as Night of Aeryc (winter solstice) and Day of Aeryon (summer solstice).
    Event schedule posted on Kristen’s Facebook page.
  • June 19 2020
    Festival of Sun and Moon
    Celebrating the solstice of both hemispheres, otherwise known in the world of the Green Rider Series as Day of Aeryon (summer) and Night of Aeryc (winter).
    Join us for a tour of Texas A&M’s Cushing Library archives where Kristen’s manuscripts are preserved, along with other fascinating materials.
    Tune in for panels with special guests, artists Donato Giancola and Madeline Shayne, audiobook narrator Ellen Archer, and composer Kristina A. Bishoff.