Spirit of the Wood

Spirit of the Wood
Spirit of the Wood

DAW Books, New York, New York
November 7,2023

ISBN 978-0-7564-1871-7 (HC)
ISBN 978-0-7564-1872-4 (ebook)

Cover art:
Interior illustrations:
Kristen Britain

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In celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Green Rider Series, a short novel that explores the backstory of Laren Mapstone.

After years of leading the battle against the vicious Darrow Raiders, Rider-Lieutenant Laren Mapstone has built a fortress around herself to conceal her emotions and the deep scars she carries. When she is made mentor to Tavin Bankside, a Green Rider trainee on his first long distance message errand, her cold and brooding exterior quickly earns her the moniker the “Ice Lady.”

Only after Laren is severely wounded in an attack onthe North Road by a gang of bandits—including some former Darrow Raiders with vengeance on their minds—do the fortress walls fall. Even as they seek refuge from danger in a Rider waystation, Tavin’s natural empathic gift leaves him vulnerable to the assault of the lieutenant’s emotions. Tavin must save Lieutenant Mapstone’s life and master his empathic gift before it destroys them both.

However, an ancient power lurks deep within the Green Cloak, and his aid or hindrance could mean survival for the Riders or the downfall of Sacoridia and all the free lands.