The Dream Gatherer

The Dream Gatherer
The Dream Gatherer

DAW Books, Inc.,
New York

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the New York Times best-selling Green Rider series, this short volume introduces listeners to new sides of Sacoridia in two new short stories and a novella.

In The Dream Gatherer, Kristen Britain presents a novella and two short stories set in the universe of her best-selling Green Rider series in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the publication of her first novel, Green Rider.

The Dream Gatherer

Dreams can be dangerous. A visit with the eccentric Berry sisters turns dangerous when an arcane device is discovered in their house that can summon dreamers through their dreams, and one of them is a nightmare.


Finding peace during the Long War. Raised in an orphan camp, Green Rider Danalong has known only war and strife, until a shipwreck leaves him stranded on a mysterious island.

Linked, on the Lake of Souls

A story of friendship within a story of friendship. In the sixth volume of the Green Rider series, Firebrand, a wounded Karigan G’ladheon asks her friend Estral to tell her a story to take her mind off her pain. This is that story.

The audiobook includes backstory on the creation of Green Rider by the author and a special introduction by award-winning science-fiction and fantasy author Julie E. Czerneda.